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Black Lagoon: Drinking Contests by rudeboy308 Black Lagoon: Drinking Contests by rudeboy308
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WARNING: rudeboy308 enterprises does not in any way condone the unhealthy activities listed in the summary herein. Now that the lawyers are off my ass, let's begin.

The Revy/Rock relationship starts off on the wrong foot. Rock spends most of that time looking at the business end of Revy's gun. When the Lagoon company take a break at their favorite bar, Revy and Rock decide to continue their rivalry in a less violent way.

Revy and Rock engage in the classic drinking contest battle. Revy can put away the liquor, no doubt. But Rock was a salaryman in Japan, and one of the things a salaryman learns to do (says he) is to hold his liquor. Culturally speaking, a salaryman works at his job, then after work is expected to hit a favorite bar with his co-workers to get drunk. Then he catches one of the last trains running to stagger home to his wife and kids. He'll sleep it off for a few hours, and then catch the early morning train to work to repeat the process.

The contest is pretty gripping, but it ends prematurely with the vicious Extra Order mercenaries blowing the bar to Kingdom Come trying to kill Rock and the Lagoon company for the nuclear secrets Rock knows about. Such contests are very bad for your health. They won't kill you right away like a bullet can, but it's not a game you should be playing. Enjoy this piece, but don't try this at home.
quamp Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
Now you've got me wondering who would win a drinking contest among the lusheteers.
rudeboy308 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
Make it so, Number 1! My guess is that it would come down to a three-way tie between Makoto, Melissa Mao, and Misato.
quamp Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012
I don't know, Rio and Yukari can put a lot of guys under the table.
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March 2, 2012
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